Please Note: The instructions below are for uploading MOV / MP4 / MP3 files only. For instructions on uploading JPEG files.

Steps to upload MOV / MP4 / MP3 files
  1. Log into your account. Click the Upload Media button at the lower right corner of the screen.

  2. Select your file or multiple files. Your upload should begin as soon as you submit them.

  3. Once your file(s) are uploaded, they will be listed in your Manage Files folder.

  4. To attach your file(s) to an entry, you must select "File Upload" on the Step 4-Media page during the entry creation process. Then simply check the box next to the file name and click the "Next" button.
    Note: If you start an upload while on this page, it will be automatically attached to the current entry.

Tips for using the Upload Media button
  • Give your files names that are descriptive so you will be able to easily match them to the correct entry. Do not use any punctuation, commas, spaces (use underscores instead), or special characters in your file names or your files will not upload properly into the system.

  • The thumbnail shown to the left of your uploaded file's name is just for reference to help you visually identify your files.

  • Consider organizing your files and uploading them all at once. The upload may take a while so you might want to start your upload at the end of your day and leave your computer on to transfer while you are away.

File Sizes
To prevent large files from causing unnecessary strain on the upload server, The One Club maintains a maximum file size policy for each entry type. Any file that is over the file sizes listed below will be rejected by the upload server. If your file is larger than the maximum file size, compress the file.

30 Second Spot - 40 MB
60 Second Spot - 80 MB
90 Second Spot - 110 MB
3 Minute Video - 200 MB

Upload Media FAQs
  1. Why is my file name in grey and not allowing me to select it?
    The uploader only accepts files in two formats: Quicktime MOV/MP4 (encoded with H.624 codec) and MP3. If your file is in another format, you must convert it in order to upload.

  2. Why do I keep getting "file too large" errors?
    The maximum file size that the uploader will accept is 200MB. Anything larger will need to be re-encoded following the specifications listed on the Digital Specifications page.

  3. I am selecting my files and see them appearing in my queue but the progress bar stays on 0%. Why is this?
    Check with your IT department to see if they are blocking either FTP or HTTP uploads.