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Please Note: Our office is open Monday - Friday, 10:30AM - 6PM EST.

Do I have to be a One Club member to enter?
We'd love for you to become a member of The One Club before entering, but it is NOT required. You will, however, still need to create an account. If you are interested in becoming a member click here.

How do I enter?
You can easily create an online account here which will allow you to enter.

Follow these steps to change your account information like company name, contact information, etc:
  • Log into your account at
  • Under the "Account Access" column, click "Account Profile."
  • For security purposes, you may be asked to enter your login details again.
  • Click submit and update your account information as needed.
How do students enter The One Show?
Click submit and update your account information as needed. click here for more details and access to the Young Ones College Competition brief and entry site.

What is the deadline for entries?
All entries should be uploaded to the entry system no later than October 18, 2019.

Can I edit/add credits after I’ve closed my entries and paid?
Yes! Here's how: After you've logged in, under the "Account Access" column on the home page click "Closed Entries." There you'll find a list of all your entries. Click the ID# of the entry you'd like to change the credits for.

Can I upload videos or images after I’ve paid for my entries?
No. The online entry system will not let you pay and complete your entries unless you have uploaded the proper files.

How do I upload my Executive Approval Form?
Executive Approval Form has to be signed by the person in charge of the project in your organization confirming your entry is not fake advertising. Follow these steps to upload your Executive Approval Form:
  • Under the "Account Access" column on the home page, click "Closed Entries."
  • Click the arrow icon to the left of the "Executive Approval Form" heading, choose your form and click open.
  • Scan the signed form.
  • Click the icon “Upload Executive Approval Form” to upload the signed form.

How much does it cost to enter? Is there a registration fee?
There is no registration fee to enter. If your work is submitted and paid by August 30, 2019, you will be able to enjoy an early bird entry fee.
Early Birds Fee RMB 3000
If your work is submitted and paid by September 30, 2019, the regular fee is applied.
Regular Entry Fee: RMB 3500
If your work is submitted and paid by October 18, 2019, the Final fee is applied.
Final Entry Fee: RMB 4000

Is my entry eligible to be entered?
It might be. Click here to see if your entry meets One Show guidelines.

My spot only ran once. Is it eligible?
Yes! Your spot is eligible but we do require client contact information to verify your entry. You will be able to input this information when going through the entry process. The information will be kept confidential.

Are there any rules or regulations for submitting entries?
Yes. The One Club has enacted rules to take a harsher stance against fake ads. Click here to see these rules. Please remember that not complying with the procedures will result in your entries being disqualified from the competition.

How does The One Club define a fake ad?
The One Club defines “fake ads” as: ads created for nonexistent clients, ads made to run without a client’s approval, and ads created expressly for award shows that are run once to meet the requirements of a tear sheet.

What are the penalties of entering a fake ad?
An agency, the regional office of an agency network, or the independent agency that enters an ad made for nonexistent clients, or made and run without a client’s approval, will be banned from entering The One Show for 5 years. If the entry has already won in the One Show,it will be disqualified from the competition.