Design comprises of brand identity categories as well as collateral, package, typography and product design.

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Collateral Design
  • 09A. Collateral Design - Communications in the form of booklets, brochures, or annual reports.

Logo & Brand Identity
  • 09B. Logo & Brand Identity - Logos or trademarked symbols of a brand, organization or product.

  • 09C. Typography - The use of typography in design. Includes printed, digitalty.

Packaging Design
  • 09D. Packaging Design - Packaging design for a commercially available product.

  • 09E. Publication - Overall layout or cover design for any publications.

Design for Good/Green
  • 09F. Design for Good/Green - Design concerning enviornmental issue or for a CSR purpose.

UI/UX Design
  • 09G. UI/UX Design - User experience and utility design for mobile and web

Environmental Design/Wayfinding Signage
  • 09H. Environmental Design - A system of signage used to guide the user through an environment by using landmarks, signage and pathways. Can be indoor or outdoor.