• Print & Outdoor

    · Print & Outdoor

    Print advertisements or posters, can be used on newspaper, magazine and other print media, can be full page spread or flexible size

    · Outdoor

    Large outdoor advertisements typically found in high traffic areas. This category also includes commercial advertising that appears in or around transit. This includes buses & bus wraps, bus shelters, subway advertisements and airports

    · Print & Outdoor Craft

    Recognizes the best Print & Outdoor Craft

  • Film & Video

    · Television

    Commercial spots airing on cable television, generally no longer than 1 minute

    · Cinema Advertising

    Commercial spots airing in cinema, generally no longer than 1 minute

    · Viral Video

    Videos that produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives through self-replicating viral processes

    · Online film & video

    Online video advertising is not intended for network or cable television. Includes videos on Video Websites, microsites, etc.

    · Video Craft

    Recognizes the best Video Craft.

  • Interactive

    · Websites

    The online home of a corporation, brand, or project

    · Interactive Advertising

    Online ads in the format of banners or other online advertising, available in Web/Mobile Apps

    · User Experience

    Recognizes outstanding visual design and experience design which built on smart information architecture, for website or mobile,including HTML5 and apps

    · Data Visualization

    Visual representations of data, typically as printed or static digital images,Infographics are most commonly used to present complex information in a quick and effective way

  • Cross-Platform

    · Experiential Marketing

    Events, competitions and interactive installations that can be experienced by consumers

    · Direct Marketing

    Direct marketing by traditional materials or digital media, including direct mail, HTML 5 or off-line events

    · Integrated Campaign

    Integrated branding campaigns that used several platforms such as mobile and online

  • Product & Service Innovation

    · Product Innovation

    Includes physical products and digital products that can be downloaded over a digital network, this can include Smart Devices, Apps, Games, and other software

    · Digital Service Innovation

    Includes online platforms that provide services or experiences to consumer or organizations

  • Public Service & CSR

    · Public Service Advertising for NGO

    Public Service Advertising for Non-Profit Organization

    · Public Service Announcement by a brand

    Probono by a brand, indicating an action or value that is good for the public

    · Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign by a brand

    Integrated branding campaigns that are centered around charity or other form of social responsibilities

  • Mobile

    · Mobile Applications

    Apps created for a brand or product, using new ways of interaction or user experience to build engagement with consumers

    · Digital Publications

    Including Wechat official account, e-magazine, or digital publication app

    · Advertising on Mobile Devices

    Includes HTML 5 pages and other promotion on mobile

    · Integrated Campaign Led by Mobile

    Integrated branding campaigns that are centered around the mobile components of a campaign

    · Use of Technology

    Campaigns uses solutions of Augmented Reality or other technologies

  • Social Media

    · Branded Social Posts

    A branded campaign comprised of multiple posts/updates on a social network, including HTML 5 posted on brand's Weibo, Wechat or other social media

    · Integrated Campaign Led by Social

    Integrated branding campaigns that are centered around the social components of a campaign

  • Design

    · Collateral

    Communications in the form of booklets, brochures, or annual reports

    · Logo &Brand Identity

    Logos or trademarked symbols of a brand, organization or product

    · Typography

    The use of typography in design, Including printed and digitally

    · Packaging Design

    Packaging design for a commercially available product

    · Product Design

    Design of a physical or digital product for a brand's need.

  • Branded Entertainment

    · Branded Video & Film

    TV Series, Films and documentaries that contain branded contents which can be conducted online or via television

    · Branded variety shows

    Variety show that contains branded content which can be conducted online or via television

    · Branded Music

    Music created for a brand or product in an Ad campaign