Social Media

Social Media comprises of branded post categories as well as best use of a social page or network categories.

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Branded Social Posts
  • 08A. Branded Social Posts - A branded campaign comprised of multiple posts/updates on a social network, including HTML 5 posted by brand's Weibo, Wechat or other social media.

Response/Real-time Activity
  • 08B. Response/Real-time Activity - A response or activity by a brand's social media presence to react towards a real time event.

  • 08C. Co-Creation/UGC - A campaign engaging a brand's target audience in order to obtain user generated content, in social media.

Community Building/Managing
  • 08D. Community Building/Managing - A campaign engaging target audiences via social networks in order to improve brand sentiment and increase consumer interaction with the brand, product, or service.

Use of Social Data & Insights
  • 08E. Use of Social Data & Insights - The use of a specific social data set to personalize a piece of advertising.