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Art Direction/Illustration/Typography
  • 11A. Art Direction/Illustration/Typography - Recognise outstanding artdirection, copy writing and production in prints.(RMB1800/USD 300 per Entry)

  • 11B. Copywriting/Scriptwriting - Exemplary copywriting or scriptwriting of spots created for print, television, cinema, or online.(RMB 1800/USD300 per Entry)

Video Direction/Editting/Cinematography
  • 11C. Video Direction/Editting/Cinematography - Recognise outstanding film direction, script writing, cenimatography and editing in films.(RMB1800/USD 300 per Entry)

Sound Design/Music
  • 11D. Sound Design/Music - Exemplary use of video direction/ editting /cinematography in spots created for television, cinema, non-broadcast, or online.

Data Visualization/Info Graphics
  • 11E. Data Visualization/Info Graphics - Exemplary use of music and sound design in spots created for television, cinema, non-broadcast, or online.(RMB 1800/USD300 per Entry)

Animation/Visual Effects/Motion Graphics
  • 11F. Animation/Visual Effects/Motion Graphics - Recognise outstanding motion grafic and animation. (RMB1800/USD 300 per Entry)